The thinking man's pianist. As a regular purchaser from CD Baby, I often sign on just to scan the New Arrivals. Recently I was especially drawn to this album by Doug Wisler. It's truly beautiful! His playing very much utilizes the full lyrical quality of the piano. It is both moving and calming. This album stirred many thoughts and feelings, both subtle and powerful. Turn down the lights and get comfortable. Well worth your time and attention.” - Bob Sutton

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Beautiful Music but I only wish the artist had more recordings, June 8, 2006 Reviewer: Reader (Southern California) - See all my reviews I am always on the search for new solo-piano music and this one belongs on the top of my music collection list! The music is so beautiful and so relaxing to listen to especially after a stressful day. I like to put it on while I am using my computer for work or research. I only wish the artist had more recordings so I could buy 2 copies of each one. I recommend this CD to everyone that enjoys solo-piano music.” - "Reader" Review

Yes, I enjoy listening to both of the CD's. Very comforting while driving. I need background music in my life. It helps to calm the anxiety and nerves. The CD's are great. I like them.” - Betty Sadler
The second album from Doug Wisler is, like the first one, a release featuring the instrumental piano-playing of Doug Wisler. Doug's playing-style is nice and easy, while being quite romantic too. There were times ("Joy Far Away From Home" especially) when listening to this album that I thought Doug was going to play a bit from Beethoven's 9th symphony. There was just something about it that reminded me of it. Anyway, if you're into instrumental classical music with hints of new age, then "Islands in the Clouds" is something you might be into.” - Hans Eidisgard

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Beautiful Stuff Exquisite piano work, mesmerizing, thoughtful, quietly uplifting. A very listenable album.”

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Dear, Mr. Wisler I received your CDs at last week, and I pretty much enjoyed your music. And, that's broadcating, now. Thank you for your wonderful music. I added recommed artist for you. I'll try permanently to promote for my listeners. You could never forget Happyday New Age, ever and forever. Thank you for your good music.”

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Thank you for sending your recordings to Media Positive Radio. After carefully reviewing your unique music, we have decided to air the following tracks from your Islands in the Clouds CD in our Independent category under Instrumental. Track 5: Joy Far From Home Track 7: Smooth Sailing Track 9: Floating Over Still Waters” - Dana Lysons

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Fantastic! Reviewer: Jeanne I already had Doug's first CD "Pleasant Dreams & Faraway Places" and I was eagerly awaiting this second one. It came in the mail yesterday and I just had to say I think it’s FANTASTIC! As hard as it is for me to believe, I think it’s even better than the first one. I love it!” - Jeanne

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