A.R.T.s for People 

I have been playing for about a year for A.R.T.s for People in the Dallas area. They get music into schools, senior homes, etc., who would otherwise be unable to have live quality music.

A & R Unlimited 

Just setting up a project with A & R Unlimited in New York for promotion of my music to music industry pros which will be aimed at getting my music in films and radio/TV ads, etc. Will keep you posted.

Cliburn Competition 

Doug attended the Cliburn piano competition near here in Fort Worth this year. Heard some fantastic young pianists play their hearts out at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth. There was also a high quality live video broadcast on their website of the whole wonderful process.

More Availability - New Review 

"Pleasant Dreams and Faraway Places is now available on Amazon.com! You'll find a new review at the top of the reviews page. This reviewer lives in the fascinating "Faroe Islands", multiple pieces of land inbetween Scotland and Iceland. Sounds like a wild place to visit.

"Islands in the clouds" on Amazon! 

You can now order the new CD on Amazon.com. -with sound samples. Soon "Pleasant Dreams and Faraway Places" will be there as well.

The New CD 

"Islands in the Clouds" is now fully completed and ready to order at CDBaby.com and on Amazon.com. The first CD, "Pleasant Dreams and Faraway Places" of course is still available, on CDbaby.com or contact me at "dougwisler@hotmail.com" for a direct arrangement with me if the internet sale doesn't work for you. (Amazon.com. will also soon be a source) I like my new website! Let me know what you think. It's a new era in my music career, and I am happy to welcome you to it!